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Northeast Hand Therapy

We provide assessment, diagnosis and management of hand injuries.

Whether you have been injured at home, work or playing sport we can help you.

We can assess and diagnose your hand injury and order xrays if necessary.

If you need medical management we will talk to your Doctor as required to organise further care.


Do you suffer with the pain?
Do you have difficulty with daily tasks such as turning taps and opening jars?

Northeast Hand Therapy can help you by:

  • Providing Soft tissue therapy to ease your pain
  • Mobilising your joints to help get your hands moving again
  • Providing Exercise therapy to increase flexibility and strength
  • Teaching you how to manage your pain / disability
  • Providing access to equipment to help you manage daily life tasks

    So many times we hear of young fit people who suffer permanent hand injuries that lead to chronic pain and arthritis.

    Many people think that finger injuries are part of the game and they can be ignored.

    Donít leave your hand injury untreated

    Often the treatment is simple and you can be back on track in no time.

    We can supply or build finger or hand guards so that you can continue to play sport even while you recover from your injury Ė (this always depends on the severity of injury).


    A mallet finger occurs when the small tendon on the top of the finger is pulled away from the bone.

    This injury mostly occurs when the finger is hit on the tip by a ball.

    Usually there is a small break in the bone but sometimes the tendon is ruptured.

    The injury causes the tip of the finger to droop and the end of the finger cannot be extended.

    These injuries can be treated simply but should be assessed to determine the type and severity of injury.

    With the correct management this injury will fully heal.

    What if I donít have it treated ?

    Your finger will most likely never recover and your finger will droop and not extend for the rest of your life.

    Can I play sport during my recovery phase ?

    Yes you can unless the injury is too severe. This would need to be decided when your finger is assessed.


    This injury occurs when the tendon that bends the end of the finger is pulled away from the bone.

    It often happens when a player grabs a jumper during the game and the opponent pulls away.

    If you have this injury you will not be able to curl your finger into your palm.

    This type of injury is treated with surgery and requires physiotherapy afterwards.

    If you leave this injury the surgery to repair it may be more extensive so it is important to have it assessed and managed early.


    Finger dislocation is often treated as a minor injury on the court.

    Unfortunately it is often associated with a break in the bone or a rupture of the tissues surrounding the joint.

    Fingers should never be pulled back into joint on the court as this may worsen the injury.

    Often the type of injury that occurs will cause the finger to be unstable and redislocate .

    Treatment is often simple and a guard can be worn during recovery with minimal disruption to sporting activity however sometimes the injury can be serious.

    These injuries should always be assessed by a health professional.

    Poor management of this injury may lead to chronic joint instability and or osteoarthritis.

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